Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to build an AR Upper. Part 1: Tools and Supplies

So. Have I whetted your appetite? Are you clamoring for more information? Can you barely stand my laziness?

Well, never fear, I am not so lazy as to start something and not totally finish it.

So, here's what you'll need for tools.

A decent vise:
You know, actually, it doesn't even need to be that decent. A Harbor Freight one will suffice. Get one and bolt it to something solid. You'll be putting a decent amount of pressure on it, so you'll definitely need a vice.

A torque wrench:
One that goes to at least 80 ft-lbs. (960 inch-lbs / 108.5 nm) Again, it needs to be good enough to actually work.

An Armorer's wrench:
You can get one at any gun show, should run you anywhere from 10-50 bucks. A word of advice: If your torque wrench is 1/2" drive or 3/8" drive or whatever, bring some kind of tool that size to ensure that your torque wrench will actually fit in your armorer's wrench

A Vise Block (AKA Receiver Block):
It's two pieces of black plastic that fit around the reciever so the receiver can be put in a vice. There are a couple of different devices that serve this purpose, but we (The Angry Turk & I) like the "wrap the black plastic legos around it" style.

Some Lube:
Ask a dozen people what kind, get a dozen answers. Some say white lithium grease, some say molybdenum grease, we used good old Anti-Sieze. Everyone agrees it should be some kind of grease. YGMV.

A Set of Roll Pin Punches:
At a minimum you'll need a 5/64 & a 1/8 punch which you already should have from your lower amirite?

So that's it. That's all the tools you need to build an AR upper. The worst part is going to be your reciever block, but you can't put it together without it. Sorry Charlie. You're looking at...maybe 150 dollars in tools? But once you've got them all your goofy friends can mooch off you.

Stay tuned for assembly instructions AND ACTUAL PICTURES. ZOMG

So there you have it. Those are all the tools you need to put together an AR-15 Upper


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